Interview: Dance pop artist Alexia Rev’s ‘Drop Down’

 Interview: Dance pop artist Alexia Rev’s ‘Drop Down’

If you find yourself grooving to a surprisingly convivial song in H&M or Target, check Shazam– you might be experiencing the infectious sounds of Alexia Rev. The Paris-born and New York-raised singer has received retail placements and radio airplay across the country, as well as features in Hype Magazine, A&R Factory, and other media outlets worldwide. After dropping the well-received singles “Lemonade” and “Growing Up,” Alexia took time away from music for a period of reflection and reevaluation. Now renewed, the Los Angeles-based artist is back with a sexy new record, “Drop Down,” and much more music on the horizon. Stream the addictive single on Oct. 22 across digital outlets, and learn more about Alexia Rev in our exclusive interview below!

LIFE ENTERTAINMENT: What are some differences between the music scenes in NY vs. LA?

ALEXIA REV: It’s interesting because I was never part of the NYC music scene because I started putting out music during the height of COVID. However, what I’ve seen after coming back to visit is that NYC does not have a huge pop scene and the focus is more on neo-soul and jazz. I also do not think there are that many opportunities for new artists. In LA, there is a huge pop scene, and there are so many music venues that promote new artists.. I think there’s more of a drive in LA for new artists. But I think I’ll end up being bicoastal because NYC inspires me more. 

LE: Who would you like to collaborate with (artists or producers)?

AR: I would LOVE to collaborate with King Princess because I always loved her pop funk style and her use of live guitars in her songs. I think she really combines so many genres. I also would love to collaborate with Anderson Pak because his songs make me groove and I do think we would really make incredible music together. I also am a huge, huge, huge fan of Billie Joel, and I think he would push me as a songwriter. He’s such a storyteller, so I would learn a lot from him. 

I want my collaborator to push me and I think these artists would teach me as well as mesh well with my style. 

LE: What are some lessons you learned after stepping away from music?

AR: The number one lesson was to serve the music and not your ego. When I first started writing, I was fixated on creating hits and I lost my voice. I had tremendous writer’s block, and I did not feel connected to my music. When I stepped away and stopped having expectations on what the song should sound like, I heard magic. It became effortless and so much more fun. 

I also learned to honor my process. I read somewhere that you have to write everyday to be better. But I cannot write if I’m not inspired. I know that’s not everyone, but if I am alone, I need to have this magnetic pull to my piano. The pull never fails me but force always does. 

I’m usually inspired by writing with others as well, so collaborating is important. 

LE: “Drop Down” is such a vibe! Can we expect a video for the single?

AR: YES! I just filmed a video this week. It should be out a few weeks after release. 

LE: What’s next for you?

AR: So much! I am planning on releasing a ton of new music next year– I’m trying for a single every month. Expect all kinds of genres from me… my fans will be surprised by the difference in each song. You will get to hear a slower song called “LA Lonely” which tells the story of the loneliness I felt when I first moved to LA. I also have an exciting collab! I have an upcoming performance at The Mint in LA on 11/16. 

Keep up with Alexia Rev on her website, Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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