Shade 45 DJ Superstar Jay and BPI Sports partner for 1.M.R. StarBerry Pre-Workout

 Shade 45 DJ Superstar Jay and BPI Sports partner for 1.M.R. StarBerry Pre-Workout


SiriusXM radio host and DJ Superstar Jay has joined forces with nutritional supplements powerhouse BPI Sports as the face of the One More Rep (1.M.R.) pre-workout flavor, StarBerry. The Queens native hosted a launch party at Tribeca Social on Nov. 14 to celebrate the partnership, and invited guests enjoyed music by Da Union DJs, a crew in which Superstar Jay serves as president. In an exclusive interview with Life Entertainment News, Superstar Jay revealed that he chose to work with BPI Sports because they were highly recommended by other people that work out. “One of my friends was managing a DJ at SiriusXM,” he began. “He was overweight, and he started losing weight, and I was motivating him. He’s like, ‘I want you to meet my friend.’ The friend of his was the CEO of BPI Sports. [Then I saw] that Method Man has an energy drink too, a pre-workout drink. They’ve been dealing with Method Man and so it was like, ‘Would you want to do one too?’ And I said, yes.”

Pre-workout powders are consumed before exercise to support energy, endurance, and strength during a workout. The 1.M.R. StarBerry pre-workout contains glycerol, mucuna pruriens, theobromine, caffeine, theacrine, and dynamine, and touts increased stamina, mood, and overall athletic performance as some of the reported benefits. Transparency regarding the ingredients is another factor that further attracted Superstar Jay to BPI Sports. “We figured out the ingredients [were things] that I wanted, that had no jitters, that didn’t have heavy caffeine. You’re sitting there after you work out, your hands are shaking for 80 hours,” he said in regards to other pre-workouts. “They gave the ingredients. A lot of formulas, they hide their ingredients. They don’t know what’s in it. This one, everything’s right there, so it’s up to you to read it.”

Superstar Jay explained that he exercises most days, DJs, and also has a “regular life,” and it was important that his pre-workout didn’t result in negative side effects. “It doesn’t crash; it keeps you going and you go to sleep,” Jay said. StarBerry pre-workout contains 300 mg of caffeine– equivalent to about three cups of coffee. “You don’t feel no effects; you don’t feel no jitters. It’s a good flavor. I like berry color flavors. I hate when– you know me, and no disrespect to any flavors– vanilla flavors don’t taste like vanilla. [Star] Berry actually tastes like berry.”

In fact, the Shade 45 DJ enjoys the effects of the StarBerry pre-workout so much that he sometimes takes it on his non-workout days to feel energized. On a workout day, the supplement has become part of his routine. “What I do is I actually get a good bottle of water,” Jay said. “While I’m driving, I’m drinking and I feel a little boost. Then when I’m actually working out, I feel the energy.”

Energy is of the utmost importance for Superstar Jay, who hosts the “VIP Saturdays” radio show on Shade 45 in addition to his work as a club and mixtape DJ. He also released a children’s book, “DJ Lil Jay,” about a child that wants to become a DJ and the bullying he faces along the way. “I transferred my story of becoming a DJ but as a little kid,” Jay said. “A lot of people didn’t think I could be a good DJ. A lot of people closed doors on me, but that actually motivates me. It seems kind of weird, but I don’t like people extra bigging me up. Doubt actually makes me work harder.”

The 1.M.R. StarBerry pre-workout is available now on For more information on DJ Superstar Jay, follow him on social media @djsuperstarjay.

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