Koffee Kult at the 2020 Coffee Fest

 Koffee Kult at the 2020 Coffee Fest

We had the golden opportunity to try Koffee Kult, coffee roasters since 2011, at the Coffee Fest at the Javits Convention from March 8 to March 10.

Koffee Kult is known for their single-originated coffees like Sumatra Coffee, Tanzania Peaberry, Huila Colombia, Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee, Naranjo La Rosa Costa Rica Coffee, Kenya Coffee, Brazil Cerrado Coffee, Nicaragua Coffee, Peru Coffee, Uganda Mt. Elgon Kapchorwa Coffee, and various others. Also, they manufacture flavored coffees in collaboration with their Center Stage Coffee Brand. Coffee lovers can try out flavors like French Vanilla, Snow Bomb, Chocolate Raspberry, Red Eye Pig, and Hazelnut.

The company uses a state-of-the-art process to roast the finest coffee beans all over the world. They acquire beans from quality growers in more than 50 countries. Koffe Kult maintains the highest standard of excellence, roasting the highest quality and grade of Arabica beans from Indonesia, Central and South America, and Africa. Their Coffee Roasters offer a selection of specialty grade 100 percent Arabica coffee beans direct. Another reason for their fine coffee is the company roasts the top two percent specialty coffees from some of the largest organic farms in the world.

The Roast Master carefully hand-selects all the green beans for roasting, taking care to preserve flavor nuances and ensure correct development for each batch that leaves his roaster. Also, the Roast Master also personally oversees the hand-packaging of their coffee varieties after roasting to be absolutely certain there are no bean defects.

The roasters use a profiling system that records the roast. This system allows them to duplicate the exact roast after cupping. Their state of the art roasters include a 12-kilo AMBEX, two-kilo Roaster Dynamics, 35-kilo Loring, and 70-kilo Loring machines.

Jamie Mardis founded Koffee Kult as a hobby. He believes that they are artisans of their craft. Their first divine roaster is in Hollywood– Jamie felt the downtown location in Hollywood connects the coffee perfectly with arts, entertainment, and music.

The company supplies small batches (30 pounds) of artisan roast beans to many of South Florida’s coffee and espresso bars. Also, they produce KULT BBQ Rubs by Koffee Kult featuring their award-winning, small batch, hand-crafted, all-natural, gluten-free, blended spice rubs.

More about this coffee roaster can be found at www.koffeekult.com.

Mitchell Acks

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