‘Mine and Yours’ Virtual Art Exhibition

 ‘Mine and Yours’ Virtual Art Exhibition

Duplexis. Katie Smith + Renae Barnard

LOS ANGELES, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — As digital platforms become increasingly critical community centers for sharing information and seeking support, we re-evaluate our physical spaces in the art world and beyond. How do we replicate the intimacy of an in-person art-viewing online? The exhibition will include an immersive video of each artist’s work and their process to navigate the experiential shift to a digital platform.

Curated by Renae Barnard, Mine and Yours considers ownership, belonging, and community.

WHO: Artists Arezoo Bharthania, Ashton Phillips, Celena Rusalka, Debbie Carlson, Fang Li, Jessica Wimbley, Katie Smith + Renae Barnard, Kristin King, Sohani Holland, and YoungTseng will be sharing new work that explores these themes.

WHEN: July 10 until August 15, 2020

WHERE: www.mineandyoursexhibition.com 

HOW: View exhibition online at www.mineandyoursexhibition.com and join us for the live artist talks on July 18th at 6pm PT via Zoom for an opportunity to hear directly from the creators about their work and practice.

NOTE: The artist talks are free to attend. Preregistration is required.

Mine and Yours is a mixed media exhibition shared through a website and a live event.

SOURCE: Renae Barnard

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