Quarantee: A virtual VIP club experience

 Quarantee: A virtual VIP club experience

Update: Post this flyer on your Instagram story and tag @quaranteenyc and @arualwater for free admission to tonight’s event!

For those craving a night out during the coronavirus pandemic, Quarantee mimics a VIP club experience as closely as possible. While other online parties provide a live DJ and a shared chat room, Quarantee kicks it up a notch by offering VIP tables (private rooms), a suggested upscale dress code, dancers, and other performers. There is even a cover charge: $10 for general admission, and $80 for VIP. “We didn’t want to sell this as something that is inferior or boring,” Quarantee co-founder @prof_nyc told Eater. “We want people to come because this is fun and has value and people pay for something that has value.”

As lockdown orders have been extended across the country, Quarantee provides an outlet for those longing for nightlife. Hundreds log on to the virtual club each Saturday, now in its third week. Tonight’s event will feature music by international DJ BEATBREAKER, and the club is open from 11pm to 3am ET on Zoom. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit Eventbrite.

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