How to Design Your Outdoor Kitchen Online in Minutes

 How to Design Your Outdoor Kitchen Online in Minutes


CAMBRIDGE CITY, Ind., June 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — RTA announces the launch of a NEW online Outdoor Kitchen Design Tool – a free 3D design software. This tool is for homeowners, designers, architects and contractors to simplify the design process. The tool allows one to design, configure, visualize, and quote outdoor kitchens.

Researching, planning and buying an outdoor kitchen can be challenging. The industry is young and there is a lot of inaccurate information online. In many markets, finding a contractor who specializes in building outdoor kitchens is difficult. This often leaves buyers with subpar designs and unsafe structures. 

RTA is taking the next step in helping homeowners design and build an outdoor kitchen. A successful process includes considerations of space, budget, and outdoor cooking/entertaining needs. “Being able to visualize your outdoor cooking/entertainment space is invaluable to planning and making the vision a reality. With RTA’s Outdoor Kitchen Design Tool, it’s not only possible, but it’s free, easy, and accessible from any device,” said Russ Greene, Design Consultant.

RTA is honing in on customer experience and the buyer’s journey to outdoor kitchen ownership. A major element of this focus is giving buyers a “sandbox” to play with during the design process. “With the Design Tool, users are able to design, visualize, and get a quote in minutes. Our support staff then reviews the design, gives feedback, and helps with next steps. Through simplifying the design process, we can enrich the buying experience and improve satisfaction post-sale,” said Alex D., Marketing Director at RTA.

Led by a Canadian-based development firm, the project involved three UI/UX designers and input from the RTA/Coyote management team. The seven month project began in September 2019, with several hundred hours invested in development. “We were aiming to have it available for BBQ season, but more importantly, we wanted to do it right and make it truly valuable,” said Josh B., President of RTA.

The Outdoor Kitchen Design Tool utilizes RTA’s prized construction system and ready-to-assemble cabinets. Users are able to custom design a myriad of islands – including linear, galley, L-Shape, or U-Shape outdoor kitchens. Buyers also select from Coyote’s full line of grills and appliances. Options include grills, sinks, refrigerators, access doors, and countless other accessories. The options offered through RTA are virtually endless – ensuring buyers can design the outdoor kitchen of their dreams.

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SOURCE: RTA Outdoor Living

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