Puerto Viejo Restaurant, a Dominican bistro in Prospect Heights

 Puerto Viejo Restaurant, a Dominican bistro in Prospect Heights

Puerto Viejo Restaurant is a Dominican Bistro located in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. While this corner restaurant may be small in size, it packs a powerful punch.

The Abreu family has vast passion and background in the food business. Their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus includes empanadas, mofongo, oxtails, yellow rice and beans, Dominican beer, and a strong sangria.

For breakfast, one can have Jugo de Avena– that is oatmeal juice with a splash of lemon. One can also have Longaniza, Dominican sausage, or Salchicha, beef sausage, and other unique Dominican specialties. Most are gluten-free.

They have delicious appetizers, including Pastel en Hoja– that is grated mixed root vegetables stuffed with chicken or pork and wrapped in green banana leaf. Others would like Bacalaitos, salted codfish fritters, or Arepitas de Yuca, yuca fritters. There are diverse fish options like salon, red snapper, and others.

For vegan lovers they have their El Vegano, macro bowl with sautéed mushroom and onions, vegetables, avocado, boiled sweet plantain, white rice, black beans and a mixed green salad. There’s also, Bacalao Guisado, codfish stew served with moro.

They have various and different juices like their sweet and tangy tamarind juice, Chinola- passion fruit juice, and Morir Sonando, a smooth blend of orange juice, milk, and a hint of vanilla.

Dominican Republic is noted for their cocoa. Here one can have hot chocolate made with organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic. For desserts one can have flan, coconut flan or tres leches, three milk cake.

Their use of recycled furniture and materials shows a conscious effort towards sustainability. One can also enjoy music from talented musicians at the restaurant.

More about Puerto Viejo and their fine Dominican food can be found at puertoviejony.com.

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