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Hailing from East Flatbush, Brooke Lynne showcases her roots and resilience as an industry veteran in her recent singles “Who I Am” and “Wa Gwaan,” taking listeners on an audio journey with distinctive flair and attitude. As the mastermind of four bodies of work, this is far from Brooke Lynne’s first foray into the music scene. Growing up as the daughter of a talented songstress and music manager, Brooke Lynne’s musical roots run deep, encompassing the diverse genres of Classical, Opera, Jazz, and Hip-hop. 

In “Who I Am,” Brooke Lynne reminds listeners of her staying power and determination to reach her dream, with a frank lyricism that speaks to the sense of urgency in her passion. Her confident style is juxtaposed with the many environments she’s transversed over the years, with one message – that she’s still dedicated to her craft and this is all a part of the plan.

“Wa Gwaan” featuring Conan is an uptempo soundtrack from Brooke Lynne as she explores the rhythmic afro-beat drum patterns and embraces the intoxicating culture of dance, fun, and originality. Always one to reveal her flexibility of flow and subject matter, she matches Conan’s bravado word for word, solidifying her status as “the queen of the throne.”

As seen on Disney Music Center, The New York State School Music Association, and Santa Monica College, you’ll want to check out these signature records from Brooke Lynne as well as her whole discography on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud.

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