Rising Brooklyn Rapper WHYYOUNG’N Calls Out Racism & Supports #BlackLivesMatter with New Single, ‘Very Well’

Brooklyn rapper WHYYOUNG’N has thrown his support behind the #BlackLivesMatter movement– while calling out systemic racism– in his new single called “Very Well.”

Known more for his fun party-style music– as evidenced by the success of his previous single “Tropical Made”– WHYYOUNG’N takes a more serious approach to his latest single. 

“I wanted to speak out against the injustices many Black men face in the music industry, at first,” he said exclusively. “But it takes on a different tenor in these times. I’m thrilled to throw my support behind #BlackLivesMatter, and I encourage not just my industry, but all industries, to stop merely putting out what people want to hear and start challenging people to think and hear the truth.”

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