First Black-Owned Afro-Caribbean Cannabis Beverage Brand & Manufacturer Launches New E-Commerce Store

 First Black-Owned Afro-Caribbean Cannabis Beverage Brand & Manufacturer Launches New E-Commerce Store

Ruby Spice and Pineapple Flavors of SHOKi’s award-winning cocktail mixers.

Cocktail Mixers Created By Black Entrepreneurs To Celebrate Foods of The Afro-Caribbean Diaspora

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Oct. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — One year after launching the first award-winning Black-owned Afro-Caribbean cannabis beverages in California, today, SHOKi Beverages Corporation announces immediate nationwide availability to pre-order uninfused versions of their popular and award-winning non-alcoholic cannabis cocktail mixers known as “SHOKiFree”. Mixology enthusiasts and cocktail lovers all around the country can enjoy SHOKi’s same amazing flavors that include global ingredients like ginger, hibiscus, spices, and tropical fruits for their most creative recipes.

“As pioneers in the cannabis beverage space, we are excited to further celebrate and amplify the West Indian and African heritage and culinary influences that raised us. The aromatic and gorgeous ingredients from our grandmother’s cabinets deserve more than to be restricted to ‘ethnic’ food aisles and exploited exoticism. Our-better-for-you portfolio of non-alcoholic cocktail mixers and cannabis beverages provide an elevation you can control and reimagine in every way that brings you enjoyment. We celebrate the diaspora and are unapologetic about reshaping the lens on cannabis consumption, alcohol-free cocktails, and the failed U.S. war-on-drugs that disproportionately impacted and disenfranchised communities of color. We’re building bridges among our cultures through food and beverage and making sure we give back to our communities through education and supporting non-profit anti-recidivism and community-building programs,” says co-founders, New York-based Tiffany Yarde and Ghana-based George Yehouessi.

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SHOKi is perfect for holidays, gift-giving, dinner parties, and DIY mixologists. Our formulas are family-rooted, contain no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors and are award-winning.

About SHOKi

SHOKi-Cannabis and SHOKiFree are premium award-winning Afro-Caribbean drinks that are the answer to those who love a great drink and don’t want to compromise on flavor and creativity just because they dropped the alcohol. SHOKi transports you to the shores of West Africa and the pristine beaches of the Caribbean for a taste of paradise designed for fun zero-proof living. Self-funded and hitting shelves in October 2020, SHOKi made it as far north as Humboldt and as far south as Palm Springs in California with an eye toward national expansion with the launch of the October 2021 e-commerce store of uninfused mixers.

SOURCE: SHOKi Beverages Corporation

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