Luangisa African Gallery at the 2020 Winter NY Now

 Luangisa African Gallery at the 2020 Winter NY Now

We had the golden opportunity to see some of the fine arts of Luangisa African Gallery at the 2020 Winter NY Now at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Luangisa African Gallery was founded in 1996 in Mount Vernon, New York by the Luangisa family from Bukoba, Tanzania. The gallery houses one of the largest collection of African cultural art.

They carry authentic, Fair Trade, modern African art, artifacts, fashion, home decor, jewelry and textiles. The gallery works directly with artisans across the continent to share rich African culture and heritage with the world.

Makonde Sculptures are made of out of premium Ebony hardwood from Tanzania. This is one of the main focuses of Luangisa Gallery. Here one can see and buy a variety of African fashion like bags, fabric, men, women, baby and kids clothing, scarves and wraps.

They make colorful tote bags made out of Maasai Shuka fabric. Maasai Shuka is a cotton plaid fabric– in the form of a blanket– of bright red and blue colors. Maasai Shuka was originally worn by the Maasai as a sarong.

Also, there are variety of unique jewelry, like bracelets and bangles, earnings, necklaces, rings, and body and face adornments.

One can also buy unique handicrafts like African weapons, trinkets, baskets, games, musical instruments, and more. In addition, there are neat and unique home decor items like animal hide rugs and pillows, beaded leather pillows, beaded shields and bangles, dining, housewares, lighting, mirrors, and more. We always like neat items for walls, and here you can find banana fiber, burlap wall art, copper wall art, textile wall art, paintings, shadow boxes, and wood wall decor. More about the gallery can be found at

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  • Great article! Loved the detail of the article–highlighting the authenticity of these beautiful unique items! The Luangisa Gallery! What a find! Thank you for shining the light on it!

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