Dani Felt Releases Supreme on Her Pop Debut Single ‘Queen’

 Dani Felt Releases Supreme on Her Pop Debut Single ‘Queen’

August 28, 2020 (Nashville, TN) Dani Felt’s debut single “Queen” covers topics of female empowerment, and the music definitely supports that feeling. The song was exclusively premiered on Music Crowns. Her single dropped on Aug. 28, 2020 and is available for download and streaming: https://soulspazm.ffm.to/queen.

Felt starts off with strong vocal harmonies, quickly followed by thick layers of drums and synths that pound to the beat of authority as she sings a catchy melodic hook. The verse gives off some dark pop vibes, similar to what you might hear from Billie Eilish, however distinctly unique in vocal tone and phrasing when presenting the message. The chorus of this song comes in strong while proclaiming the message loud and clear, ending with with line “Bow down to me like I am your Queen.” When it comes to the production, “Queen” gives an Imagine Dragons or Awolnation kind of presentation, being that the layers are a wall of luscious synths and harmonies over a strong kick and snare. The overall production, lyrics, and instrumentation mesh in such a way that you can’t help but acknowledge the sense of power emitting from the song. What a great single to lead off with. There is certainly a bright future ahead for Dani Felt if she continues to deliver at this level!



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  • It is wonderful to read these amazing well written articles that help tell the story of this young artist. Dani has put her blood sweat and tears into perfecting this song and it shows.I look forward to how this song will touch so many lives. It’s time for women to step into their power .

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